We grow companies for the future

J2L Holding AB is a family-owned investment company that manages and develops small to medium-sized enterprises. We focus on industrial and commercial companies and take a very active part in their development.

About J2L

J2L Holding AB was founded in 2009 by Johan and Louise Lindh with the aim of forming an industrial group that builds and develops its companies with an eye to the long term. We currently have a turnover of some SEK 1,5 billion and 350 employees. We believe that every company must grow by virtue of its own merits, and so we operate a highly decentralised structure with no central functions. All the crucial decisions are taken by the companies. The companies are run on the philosophy that constant small improvements are the basis of sustainable profitability. For each company there is a strong focus on result.

As a family-owned business we remain very close to our companiesand are actively involved in their growth. We understand the long view and the need of well-defined, stable guidelines around which to develop. At the same time, our decentralised structure enables us to respond swiftly should the need arise. We are always on the lookout for new potential acquisitions, whether they be add-ons or incursions into new fields. Above all we target stable, profitable companies with proven business models in industry and commercial trade.